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This week I was messaged on couchsurfing by Siyuan Bao, who worked as a media director in China and is looking for one thousand cool and interesting people to take part in her online project, WOWliving, targeted at people in her country (go me!). She believes that by sharing our lives it will inspire more new thoughts, motivate actions and allow people to break free of old traditions and live freer and happier lives. You can contact Siyuan Bao and tell her a little about yourself if you would like to be a part of this.

So, I wrote my profile for her and here it is…


IMG_4391_FotorRick Lowe, 24, from Manchester, England. Auto-Electrician by trade but currently travelling the world, adventure lover, procrastinator, amateur blogger and photography enthusiast.

In July 2014 my friend Antony and I both sold all of our shit and left our lives in Manchester behind to begin a round-the-world adventure with just the bags on our backs.

I led the usual childhood growing up in working class Manchester.

72134_481053933763_73512_n_FotorAt 17, I left college to start a job as an apprentice Auto-Electrician, but got fired half way through my 4 year training program for a foolish mistake.

At 19, I spent one year travelling Europe (8 different countries), working 2 part time jobs, volunteering at music festivals and attending college part time. I had met a few people who ‘couchsurf’ on my travels, so decided to join myself. For me I felt that I could now meet anyone so easily and start to build friendship circles different to only the work colleagues and old school friends I had in Manchester. I was happy and excited to go to my first meeting at a bar in Manchester and some of those I met are still my close friends now. After that I would make other friends at different events that interest me such as canoeing, camping, BBQs, pub crawls and cinema nights.

At 20, I got my old job back after an anxious year long wait and started an Engineering degree with the Open University.

By 22, 40 hours work and 20 hours studying per week was too much, so I dropped the degree and started learning German.

By the time I turned 23 I quit my job and moved to Germany with some money I had saved whilst working. I had intended to take one year out of work to travel, but now I’ve been travelling the world since April 2014 and have no intention to go back.

My parents showed resistance to my plan to quit my job and leave everything behind. The traditional lifestyle of progressing in my career, buying a house and settling down was their only idea on how to live, but I had other ideas. After a lot of discussions and assuring them that I had thought it through properly, they finally agreed that it was best for me to travel.


After my trip back from Brazil in March 2014 I had only 2 weeks to finish work, sell my processions, pack my bags and say my goodbyes before going to Germany. I sold anything that was worth money and the rest I gave to my parents or friends. I managed to sell my bike, TV, clothes, toolbox and tools. Selling my Tool box and tools was the most difficult, it was a shame to sell everything that had made my career, but on the another hand, it was worth a lot of money, could be replaced and was of absolutely no use to me now.

Life on the Road

DSC_0270_FotorWhilst being on the road I’ve become increasingly lazy and learned to travel at a slower pace. It’s cheaper that way, much more enjoyable and stress-free.

I try to travel as light as possible. The less I have the happier I feel. I feel that I’ve broken free from consumerism. I’ve broken free of my mundane lifestyle and I’ve broken free from the society that was shepherding me on a path called ‘normal’. So now I can enjoy my life freely and document my once in a life time trip around the world for my own personal memories and to show friends and family back home.

I’ll eat anything and try anything once, I love street food and less often than expected, I find myself running to the nearest toilet. I love getting out of the cities and checking out cool village tribes, rural traditions seem so much more interesting to me.

DSC_0852_FotorI don’t own anything unique, but I’ve always wanted a cool tattoo. It was when I was stupid drunk with friends one night on Bangkok’s famous Khoa San Road that I finally bought one. It’s written in Thai and translates to ‘chicken and rice’, and it’s on my butt. But I tell people it means ‘love and prosperity’ or whatever.

I have no real plan or idea of where I am heading, If I dislike a place I will leave, if I like I place I will stay until my visa doesn’t allow me. I try to work or volunteer as much as practically possible while travelling to save money and so far teaching English in Thailand has been the highlight.

My cool experiences from travelling the world

11074595_10153182023338764_1793460555_nI’ve been able to tick off a lot of things from my ever growing bucket list. My favourite experiences are always festivals; Rio Carnival, Brazil, San Fermin Bull Run, Spain and Holi, India. I once did a drag show at a kids summer camp in Romania. This was my first experience working with kids, my first experience standing in front of over 100 people, and of course, dressing in drag with my mates.

My future plans are to write blogs, practice German and learn to play poker. Most importantly for my adventure I’m looking for another interesting place again to work short term so I can make money to continue.

Recently I stopped writing my diary and now Antony and I are writing everything that happens on this trip on our blog, although some parts may need censoring (my parents read it) we will write openly and as honestly as possible. We want to encourage others to follow their dreams and follow our journey on our blog, or on Facebook which we update more frequently We want to help people break free by following their dreams and we are happy to give advice on where to start.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment and like us on facebook @

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  1. omaro2266 says:

    Very nice! Your blog is growing so quickly! Keep it going! 🙂


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