About Us

In July 2014 we both sold all of our shit and left our lives in Manchester behind to begin a round-the-world adventure with nothing but the bags on our backs.


Antony, Rio de Janeiro

Antony, 27

Since graduating from University I’ve played online poker for a living and spent much of my spare income on travelling. I’ve brought my laptop with me and plan to play poker along the way and make enough money to keep on travelling. I like to party,  do stupid shit that my parents wouldn’t approve of and I don’t take life too seriously.



Rick, Switzerland


Rick, 25

In April 2014 I quit my job as a Auto-Electrician in Manchester, sold all my processions and moved to Germany for a change of scenery and to travel more. Two months in, I decided to start my round the world trip with Antony which would start in Romania the following July. I saved enough money for a 12 month trip of a lifetime which just keeps going. I’ve managed to extend the adventure by working and volunteering along the way.

You can follow our journey here, while we blindly wander around the world with no destination in mind. We’ll write openly and honestly all about the journey, from the beautiful places we visit to the crazy people we meet. Read all about the up and downs, the wild adventures and the stupid things that I do along the way.It’s gonna be an interesting ride.

Care to join us?

Antony and Rick

2 comments on “About Us
  1. Hi guys!

    So, this is really random but I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I really like your style! I recently got nominated for a Liebster Award – it’s basically an award that bloggers give to other bloggers to encourage them to keep blogging so I’d really like to nominate you.

    It might sound like a kinda 90’s chain mail throw back, but basically I’ve written some questions on my latest blog and if you guys have time, feel free to answer them and then nominate any blogs that you enjoy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey,

      Thank you for the nomination, we both really appreciate it and would love to accept! As soon as we get chance we’ll write a blog answering your questions and passing on the baton to other bloggers.

      We always look forward to your blog posts so keep up the great work 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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About Us

Us in front of the Taj Mahal

We're two ordinary guys in our twenties who sold everything and left home with a one-way ticket in search of adventure.

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Escaped with 10 minutes to spare from an awesome horror-themed exorcist room today. Didn't get scared. Honestly. .
#roomescape #moviescape #fun #exorcist #horror #wanderingblindly There seems to be a law in Amsterdam that says there must be always be a waffle shop next door to every coffee shop... 😂 But ordinary waffles won't do, this had an entire Kinder Bueno on top and yes it was #Delicious .
#munchies #waffles #dessert #amsterdam #netherlands #food #coffeeshop #Adventure #foodporn #WanderingBlindly Our favourite photo from an incredible weekend at Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam. Don't miss the wheelchair guy crowdsurfing in the back :D
#awakeningsfestival #amsterdam #netherlands #festival #music #crowdsurfing #friends #techno #love #adventure #WanderingBlindly We got to live our childhood fantasies yesterday, running around the medieval, industrial, Aztec and futuristic zones like big kids. Don't tell mumsy... #CrystalMaze
#dreamcometrue #manchester #uk #adventure #WanderingBlindly My first ever visit to #ParkLife yesterday to see Above & Beyond! Awesome vibe, better music. .
#manchester #aboveandbeyond #anjunabeats #anjunafamily #festival #teampixel #WanderingBlindly The promenade in Limekilns, Scotland. Clear skies with a great view of the boats and the Forth Bridge
#Scotland #boats # limekilns #forthbridge #WanderingBlindly
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