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Donald Trump is NOT the Problem, He’s Just a Symptom

Donald Trump is not the problem

I woke up this morning to what felt like Brexit 2.0. The same feeling of shock and disbelief as I digested the news that another major democratic vote had defied the polls and shook our faith in Democracy. Donald Trump, a

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7 Scams to Avoid in Bangkok

Getting shafted by a scam in Asia is just another part of the true backpacker experience nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to avoid them if you can and save yourself more than a little money and several headaches

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How We Made Friends Around the World Through Couchsurfing

If we could only give one travel tip to anybody – it would be Couchsurfing. Well it would actually be to steer clear of those overly friendly girls with suspiciously deep voices that you’ll meet in a Bangkok bar… but Couchsurfing

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Liebster Award!

We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely Felicity from DistractedFlick! After reading her post we learned that this is a blogging award given out to bloggers, by bloggers that are new or don’t have a huge number followers.

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The WOWliving Project

This week I was messaged on couchsurfing by Siyuan Bao, who worked as a media director in China and is looking for one thousand cool and interesting people to take part in her online project, WOWliving, targeted at people in her country

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A Christmas Letter

It’s Christmas Day and I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sat in my underwear, wine in hand and laptop on my knee, thinking about what a crazy year 2014 has been. Without a doubt this has been the best year of

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It’s Better to Try and Fail Than Never to Try at All

Yesterday I received a text from a friend who was pretty upset. She had just been told that she should quit her dream of travelling the world, return home and ‘get a real job’. Like me, she left her home

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