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Couchsurfing in a Remote Laos Village: Part 1

Feature image Couchsurfing in Laos

We were sitting on the side of a road in the middle of Laos, with literally everything that we owned in the world packed into the bags lying next to us and we were waiting for two guys that we had never met before.

On reflection it sounds scary, but I didn’t feel scared or even worried. I can now see that this was the first time that I truly began to feel free.

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Wandering Vientiane

Vientiane isn’t really what you’d expect from a South-East Asian capital city. There are no swarms of scooters plaguing the roads; no flashing neon signs for ping-pong shows or strip clubs; and no annoying guys trying to sell you a shitty James Bond style suit

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Discovering Phuket …is a Shit-Hole!

Phuket is a shit-hole

You won’t read this in the holiday brochures or hear it from your Cheeto-stained travel agent, so I’m going to tell you myself. Phuket is a shit-hole. If anybody tells you otherwise, they’re either lying or they’re an idiot. And

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Krakow: Sightseeing, Sisha & The Scariest Moment of My Life

Lost Souls Alley

Poland’s second largest city, Krakow is one of the oldest cities in the country and is known for its historical architecture, which is beautiful and well preserved. More recently, the city is known for its role during World War II

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Liebster Award!

We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely Felicity from DistractedFlick! After reading her post we learned that this is a blogging award given out to bloggers, by bloggers that are new or don’t have a huge number followers.

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The WOWliving Project

This week I was messaged on couchsurfing by Siyuan Bao, who worked as a media director in China and is looking for one thousand cool and interesting people to take part in her online project, WOWliving, targeted at people in her country

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Our favourite photo from an incredible weekend at Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam. Don't miss the wheelchair guy crowdsurfing in the back :D
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#Scotland #boats # limekilns #forthbridge #WanderingBlindly Spent a day making pizzas from scratch. Here's our favourite - chicken, mozzarella, pesto and spinach #sogood
#pizza #foodporn #homemade #food #cooking #teampixel #WanderingBlindly Final result - Homemade Cadbury's chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream. #Delicious .
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