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Discovering Phuket …is a Shit-Hole!

Phuket is a shit-hole

You won’t read this in the holiday brochures or hear it from your Cheeto-stained travel agent, so I’m going to tell you myself. Phuket is a shit-hole. If anybody tells you otherwise, they’re either lying or they’re an idiot. And

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7 Scams to Avoid in Bangkok

Getting shafted by a scam in Asia is just another part of the true backpacker experience nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to avoid them if you can and save yourself more than a little money and several headaches

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Auf Wiedersehen Manchester!

It’s now November 2014 and this year has gone faster than I ever imagined. Maybe I should’ve written a blog earlier, but I never was a fan of writing too much, I’m more of a spontaneous kinda guy who doesn’t find

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Homeless in Budapest

Life in a Bag There’s something kinda big I forgot to mention in my previous post, maybe for some kind of subliminal Freudian reasons where I figured that if I didn’t think about it, it might not be true. Thinking about

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One of my favourite RPDR winners + Vaudevillian theatre = an absolutely Incredible, hilarious show and one of the best I've ever seen. You all need more drag in your lives, you just don't know it.
#jinxmonsoon #rupaulsdragrace #drag #contacttheatremcr #manchester #theatre #vaudeville We found an amazing Thai Street good restaurant today in Manchester. Brought back so many great memories. Think we have a new local...
#ThaiFood #manchester #food #uk #WanderingBlindly I actually bought an egg poacher just to make my breakfast this morning... Anyway who's coming to my 40th? #RockNRoll #feelingold .
#poachedeggsandsalmon #breakfast #foodporn #WanderingBlindly I decided how I'm going to spend a long weekend off work
#whiskey #chill #home #WanderingBlindly #haigclub Christmas has already begun, what are you waiting for?!
#ChristmasMarkets #Friends #glühwein #manchester #christmas #uk #WanderingBlindly Colourful Christmas fountains.
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